Christian Boehme
Managing Partner


Christian is Founding and Managing Partner at the Capital Link. Christian has extensive experience in M&A advisory, transaction structuring, Private Equity and Corporate Finance. He was involved in numerous transactions and has advised several local and international investors and companies in different sectors.

Christian graduated in accountancy (Cum Laude) in 1986 and holds a degree in tax law from EHSAL/KUL (1989).


M: +32 (0)3 870 52 79

Michaël Bouas
Managing Partner


Michaël is Founding and Managing Partner at the Capital Link. He has extensive experience in financial management. Michaël is a seasoned external CFO in several midcaps on behalf of the Capital Link and supports CEO’s and company owners in their daily financial management, reporting, vision, strategy and their decisions process relating to equity and debt financing, investments and mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to the Capital Link, Michaël worked as a banker at KBC for more than 10 years and was involved in numerous corporate debt financings.

Michaël graduated in accountancy in 1986 and is holder of a Bank Certificate issued by KBC bank.

M: +32 (0)3 870 52 79

Kristof Beckers


Kristof joined the Capital Link in April 2015. Prior to the Capital Link, Kristof gained experience at KBC Securities in the Securities Services division, at PwC where he worked on different projects in the Valuation department, and BNP Paribas Corporate Finance where he was involved in numerous M&A transactions in different sectors (among which banking, real estate development and logistics).

Kristof has a Master’s degree in Science, Management (Cum Laude) from the KU Leuven University and a Master Financial Management (Cum Laude) from Vlerick Business School.


M: +32 (0)474 89 52 74

Jonas Provenier


Jonas joined the Capital Link in March 2016. He started his career abroad at Squarefield (Amsterdam), where he was involved in numerous food & agriculture related corporate finance projects. Later on, Jonas moved to Paris where he worked as a strategy consultant for private equity and asset managers at INDEFI.

Jonas holds a Master in Finance and Risk Management from Ghent University and an International Master in Finance (Cum Laude) from EADA Business School Barcelona. Additionally, he is enrolled in the CFA program.

M: +32 (0)479 40 45 75

Melvin Decuyper


Melvin joined the Capital Link in September 2017. He gained his first professional experience at Fortino Capital where he helped in the execution of two deals and assisted in the deal flow. Thereafter, he was active in the Corporate Finance department at BNP Paribas, where he was involved in a number of transactions in different sectors.

Melvin graduated in 2015 from the University of Ghent where he obtained a Masters degree in Finance. Additionally he holds a Master in Financial Management from Vlerick Business School, where he graduated with distinction.

M: +32 (0)479 12 93 83

Herman Paridaens
External Advisor


Herman joined the Capital Link in November 2015 as an external advisor. He has more than several decades of experience in strategic transactions for medium-sized companies. He has been a seasoned CEO at several family and PE owned companies with an international focus. Additionally, Herman holds different mandates as an independent director.

Until 1988, Herman was Commercial Director and board member at Santens nv and President of Santens of America in New York. From 1988 onward Herman acted as General Manager and became CEO in 2004 at Groep Balta. In addition, he was a board member of IVC. Herman was strongly involved with the buyout of Balta by Doughty Hanson.